Argentine Culture

Traditional Argentine society is warm, passionate and very social. Social gatherings with family, friends and colleagues to have tea, or Mate, coffee, food and sweets is central to the core of Argentine people and tradition. In Argentina tradition gives way to culture in deeply central developments of Arts. With the largest literary scene in the region, Argentines have a strong appreciation for Literature. Fine arts, including painters, sculptors and the spectacular murals seen around the country are as Argentine as its vast open land for grazing cattle. The artist hosts a role not only as an aesthetic visual provider, but in Argentina the artist is known to express a strong voice for its people. Performance arts such as Theater, Opera and Classical Music are one of the finest in Buenos Aires. And Buenos Aires is one of the highest rated Theater cities in the World. Music an integral part of Argentine life, with the World renowned Tango and it’s dance at its popular center headed by masters such as Piazzola and the instrument Bandoneon, spans from Andean music to prolific singers like the internationally renowned Mercedes Sosa, composers, Jazz and internationally loved rock and pop artists! The Argentine Cinema continues to be the largest in its region and has successfully crossed into the World film market contributing fine and unique films to the genre that are recognized throughout the World. It is common to spend a day of theater, followed by a magnificent meal, while watching a romantic Tango couple in Argentina. Where the love of gatherings, cuisine and the arts are always a part of one another.

Argentine Cuisine

As its people, Argentine Cuisine is a cultural merging of Indigenous people as well as historical migrations that include large Mediterranean arrivals from Italy and Spain. These great migratory waves imprinted a varied and culturally rich influence on Argentinean gastronomy. These passionate and flavorful heritages give way to a unique marriage of ingredients, dishes and culinary experiences, that in turn becomes authentically Argentine. With its rich soil for exceptional agriculture and the largest most abundant region in the World for grazing, the Pampas, Argentina has magnificent abundance. And due to the large grazing of herds by its famous Gauchos; it has mastered one unique dish across the country, The Asado! The Argentine barbecue crosses over into all cultural backgrounds of Argentinean society and it is always comprised of the highest quality meats, cooked to perfection, over a fire! Without exception the Asado is a signature dish for Argentina and for all Argentineans, as is their World famous Chimichurri sauce; a blend of fresh herbs suspended in the finest olive oil. Having more than a well deserved reputation for their love of food, which stems from the deeply connected social gatherings and absolutely grandiose family Sunday meals, Argentineans will include on their menus not only the perfectly roasted meats or Asado, but succulent appetizers such as Empanadas, homemade pastas, vegetable dishes, their famous desserts such as Dulce de Leche, and some of the best wines found in the World today, fruit of the exquisite grapes from Argentina.

Argentine Wines

The Argentine wine industry is the fifth largest in the World and today Argentina’s Malbec is considered the best worldwide. As its people and culture Argentine wine is a merging of heritage. The Argentine vineyards first began with the vine cuttings brought from Spain in 1557. Later the French would introduce the Malbec vines and the Italians brought what they called Bonarda vines. Due to the magnificent natural conditions for growing vines which include the high altitude and low humidity of the main wine producing regions. Argentine vineyards rarely face the problems of insects, fungi, molds or other growing issues that affect vineyards around the World. This allows cultivating with little or no pesticide use and make organic wine production exemplary. There is a vastly rich variety of grapes grown in the country and the most important regions are located in the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and La Rioja. Currently the rich soil and perfect conditions for growing vines has led to an expansion into the regions of Salta, Catamarca, Rio Negro and Southern Buenos Aires. With over 1,500 wine makers in Argentina and a history of wine making that spans generation after generations, Argentine wines have garnered an internationally renowned status. Gaucho Grill carries only the finest, most interesting boutique wines we can find from Argentina as well as from the rich California wine country. Our specialty and carefully selected wines are meant to be enjoyed on their own or perfectly paired with our signature cuisine!

Argentine Traditions

A marriage of cultures, Argentina and its people are deeply passionate and devoted. From their European ancestry through to its native people, Argentineans have a zest for life and joy de vive that is uniquely theirs. Expressed in many aspects of Argentinean life and traditions, their deep devotion to family is manifest with great love in their kitchen. The preparation of food and the celebration of eating is as Argentine as is their love of Football.

The Gaucho or cowboys have been the famed signature character of Argentine society, but as the Gaucho is relevant to the development of the Asado, Argentina is rich with traditions throughout its cultural sphere.

Having one of the finest Literary circles of the modern era and the most active publishing houses of the region, Argentineans are deeply moved by literary arts and have shared their written masterpieces throughout the World.

Argentines love for art is vivid in visual arts renditions such as paintings and sculpture. And Argentina hosts a magnificent heritage of painters, sculptors and renowned muralists. Muralists are an integral part of visual arts in Argentine society and murals can be seen throughout the country. Argentine architecture took its primary cues from the Spanish colonization period and later added to it important Italian and French developments creating a truly moving visual spectrum of intricate buildings, which now include modern Art Nouveau constructions. Architect Cesar Pelli’s and Patricio Pouchulu’s futurist creations have graced cities worldwide, making them some of the World’s most prestigious architects.
The cinema is a love affair that Argentines have shared with the World. Writing, directing and producing, uniquely moving films, Argentina is now one of the most prolific film making countries of the region. And regularly have international success with these. Music and dance take on a uniquely Argentine voice in the development of the Milonga that would give birth to Tango. A rich poetic music with deeply intricate harmonies and passionate dance, Argentine Tango has become one of the most internationally recognized musical traditions and dances in the World today. Argentina also hosts numerous legendary artists in music, including musicians, singers and renowned composers.
Buenos Aries is considered one of the World’s best capitals for Theater. The Teatro Colon is a national landmark for opera and classical performances. To date the acoustics of this theater is considered one of the best in the World.

With cuisine at its height in Argentina the perfection of traditional dishes also has given way to deeply innovative Chefs and culinary creations. And today Argentina is also the top producer of the World’s highest rated Malbec wine.

And although the national Sport of Argentina is Pato, it’s Football or Soccer players and teams are considered some of the finest in the World and are always favorites in almost all international competitions! And as hard as this may be for the rest of the World, the their can’t be a World Cup without them…