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Our Wines

Malbec Rose

100% Malbec 2022 12.5% Alcohol

It is a fresh and fruity wine with aromas of forest fruits and a balanced acidity. We were pioneers in the production of this wine in Argentina. This wine is a delight to the palate, with its fresh and smooth taste, it is the idea companion to enjoy any occasion where you seek a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. It is a friendly and easy-to-drink choice that will invite you yo enjoy the moment and the company of your loved ones while you taste the sensory journey.

Malbec De La Casa

100% Malbec 2020 14% Alcohol

This wine is a true masterpiece of viticulture, with it's intense red color and rich aromas of black fruits and spices. It represents the best of Mendoza, with a soft, seductive tannin and an elegance that makes it a high-end choice. It's easy to enjoy, smooth on the palet, made with the best natural practices, and meticulous care in every detail of its production process. It's a passionate, exotic, and refined wine that invites wine lovers to enjoy a unique experience.

Grand Blend

Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon y Merlot, 2020 14.15% alcohol

It's a sensory journey of flavor and aroma, a sophisticated blend of carefully selected grape varieties grown with innovative techniques that reflect knowledge and passion for wine. When you taste it, you will be immersed in a word of nuances and sensations that will take you to ecstasy. A powerful body and a persistent finish are the results of careful crafting. This wine is for lovers who know how to appreciate every detail and enjoy every moment. A refined and passionate choice for a special dinner or an unforgettable evening.